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Art & Documentary

CORAL plunges you into the fragile world of coral reefs, highlighting the harmony between man and nature: a message that is both urgent and full of hope.

“Through scenes taken from life, this photographic documentary first tells ahuman adventure with people I admire and for whom I have the greatest respect. He takes his placein the fishing village of Seraya Besar, a small, remote island located off the west coast of Flores, close to theKomodo national park in Indonesia. Located in the center of the Coral Triangle, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, this region is home to 76% of the planet's coral species and 2,228 reef fish species.


“Its inhabitants arefrom sea nomadic populations. They settled down at the end of the Second World War. This village of750 inhabitants depend solely on fishing, their food sovereignty is essential to their survival. The fishing profession is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.”


“I meet the inhabitants of this villagesince 2013. I go there every year for several consecutive months, the opportunity to continue the implementation of a marine conservation and coral reef protection program (through the association Coral Guardianwhich I co-founded in 2012). After taking the time to get to know them, I was able to enter into their daily lives and participate inancestral activities, like fishing. I feel particularly grateful to them, to the immense wealth that they were able to share with me. Having allowed me to enter their lives, granted their friendship and communicated their joy of living is a most precious human adventure.”

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This is the remarkable story of traditional Indonesian fishermen protecting and restoring the destroyed ecosystem on which they directly depend for their livelihood:



Coral reefs are a refuge, a home and a food source for 25% of the world's marine biodiversity. They also provide coastal protection and a food and economic resource for 500 million people.


Coral Guardian is a French association, founded in 2012, with an international scope that addresses the problem of coral reef degradation on which humans depend, through participatory marine conservation and awareness-raising programmes.


The damage caused by fishing techniques using dynamite and cyanide is still very much with us today. It is important to act quickly to raise awareness among coastal communities of the importance of coral reefs. Coral Guardian works in particular with the fishing village of Seraya Besar, which in turn raises awareness among tourists and locals of the importance of coral ecosystems. It's often difficult to raise awareness of a cause that seems so far removed from our everyday lives.

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