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Black and white photographic print on brushed aluminum dibond. 

Baroque artisanal framing. Italian manufacturing (wood and gold leaf gilding).


Very large format

Excluding frames: 145 cm / 145 cm

With Frame: 165cm / 165cm / 6cm


Number: 1/20

Limited to 20 copies, all formats combined, excluding artist proofs.

Unique certificate of authenticity.


Detailed description of the work:


The mixture of Human and Coral is at the center of my work. My passion for these two living beings naturally led me to the creation of this work, part of the “ÊTRES CORAIL” series.


Designed and created in 2023, it is called Zephylia. The eye does not immediately distinguish the human from the coral, the details appear by scrutinizing the details. Living beings are a whole, a unit coming from the same genetic origin.


At first glance, this composition might seem anarchic and imperfect; however, it is the representation of animal perfection following millions of years of evolution while maintaining this permanent imperfection in the face of changing conditions on our planet. This brings us back to our fragile existence. Permanent animal evolution makes it a work of the present moment.