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BANNIERE WEB Corail couleur 33_edited_ed

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Released October 7, 2024

Understanding coral
to better protect it


An online Master class
on preserving
coral reefs

Video Format
4 x 25 mins


Knowledge tests & certificate

Welcome to our coral reef exploration. 

Would you like to learn more about coral biology and coral reef ecology? Understand the threats they face? Discover concrete actions to contribute to their preservation? This Master class is made for you! Don't hesitate to register now.



Accessible for all levels

Science & Experience Sharing

Impactful photo & video visuals

In these 4 episodes, we'll discover the basics of how coral biology works and the ecology of coral reefs. We'll look at the threats they face and see what we can do to help preserve them. We will look at the different strategies for conserving these reefs, including coral restoration and the protection of their natural habitat.

This is a short course aimed at both experts and beginners wishing to gain a better understanding of how coral works. You'll also find links and sources to help you learn more.

Are you a student, journalist, scuba diver, freediving enthusiast or simply passionate about marine environments? Then this course is for you.

Taking part in this course will give you a better understanding of coral, so that you can protect it more effectively. Coral reefs are a vital part of international food sovereignty and a symbol of the protection of life itself.


who I am ?

Martin Colognoli

Marine biologist / Coral specialist


I am Martin Colognoli, I am a marine biologist and specialist in coral reefs. For more than 15 years, I have studied and photographed coral. In 2012, I founded the NGO Coral Guardian which aims to preserve coral reefs. I have been at the heart of the problems facing corals today. I got involved in their preservation on the ground with the people who directly depend on them. Today I invite you to share my experience through this course. You have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact me .

Learning outcomes

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    Coral biology - How is a coral structured? - What is the anatomical structure of coral? - What is the role of polyps? - How is the limestone skeleton of corals formed? - How do corals reproduce? - What does the symbiosis between corals and zooxanthellae consist of? - What are the factors influencing the growth and health of corals?
    The threats - What are the threats to coral reefs? - Global threats? - Local threats? - What are the consequences of these threats? - Immersion in an Indonesian fishing village totally dependent on the coral reef.
    Protection, conservation and management of coral reefs - What strategies exist for the conservation of coral reefs? - What is the role of marine protected areas in the conservation of coral reefs? - How is coral reef restoration implemented? - Immersion in the coral reef conservation program on Hatamin Island - Indonesia. Conclusion
    Introduction. Humans and coral: Mythology. Religions and beliefs. Arrival of science. - Coral in evolution. Introduction to coral reef ecology. - What is a coral reef? - Where are coral reefs found and what types do they belong to?


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