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Art & Science

"Water is the driving force of all nature". - Leonardo da Vinci

All life on earth depends on liquid water. It is vital to human health and well-being.

By its very nature, water connects. From the source to the sea and through its endless cycle, it connects the lands of the planet.

Water is essential to our survival.

"H2Origine" invites us to return to the birth of life, to liquid water. What's more, it's fresh water, whose resources are being drastically depleted by climate change.

In the heart of high-altitude torrents, we immerse ourselves in pure water, virtually free of all traces of pollution. You discover a world below the visible surface, a world that deserves to be brought to light, to be observed in order to be better understood. The shapes are diverse, sometimes protruding, sometimes sculpted, sometimes rounded... Movement defines them with patience and repetition.


Life moves tirelessly to the rhythm of flowing water.

- Opus 3 -

- Opus 2 -

- Opus 1 -

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